We believe that quality begins with the intrinsic desire of the individuals at Faisal Chicks & Feeds to operate our business with excellence. Quality is fully achieved by a team of people who realize and embrace the fact that they work for God, not for men. Our reputation for quality has been a key ingredient to our success: quality of our products; quality of our people; quality of our presence in local communities. Faisal Chicks & Feeds quality must be seen inside every box we produce, in every interaction with other people and businesses, and in every hour we operate our facilities.


The heart of service at Faisal Chicks & Feeds is about giving, not getting. To us, service means the giving of ourselves to meet the needs of others. We believe that kind of service must start at the top. Leaders at Faisal Chicks & Feeds put aside their own ambitions to serve their team members. Therefore, we empower our staff to deliver excellent service to meet the needs of our customers. We place high value on working with customers to learn their true needs for product attributes, delivery schedules and technology. Then, we invest the time and effort to implement the systems required to ensure that we consistently meet those needs.


Right relationships drive everything. While social media and electronic communications increase connectivity, relationships refer to a deeper trust built on common experience, integrity, and sacrifice. Relationships do not simply happen, they are cultivated over years. We value a hand shake and one’s word as the sign of an agreement. We believe a phone call or a face-to-face meeting is more effective than an e-mail. While we will continue to invest in the latest communications to improve our service, having a core value of relationships means we will always strive to personally engage with all of our stakeholders.