Dr. Ahmad Mustafa

“Dr. Sb. unique vision redefined the potential of the Pakistan’s poultry industry and he challenged conventional wisdom in several areas. He was probably the first Pakistani businessman to recognize the strategic significance of deploying “vertical integration” poultry system for the growth and development of industry.
The corporate philosophy he followed was short, simple and concise:
“Think big. Think different. Think ahead & Aim for the best.”
It was under Dr. Sb. visionary leadership the Faisal Chicks and Feeds emerged as the largest business conglomerate in Pakistan’s poultry industry, and carved out a distinct place for itself in the pantheon of corporate giants.
During the course of his entrepreneurial mission, Dr. Sb. set a number of revolutionary precedents. His contributions to the social and economic development of the nation were many and got recognition at all levels.

We wish a healthy, growing and prosperous Pakistan and we welcome suggestions from the people belonging to all walks of life for further improvement in our quality, products, services and customer care.


Dr. A. Mustafa”